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How to use our Skincare Range

Having a skincare routine is critical to keeping our skin healthy. By keeping our skin moist and clean, we help prevent infection from breaking through our skin barriers. When using the Caroline Lorinet skincare range daily, your skin receives the healing support it requires for aging and enviromental exposure. Follow our step by step guide […]

The Benefits of our Ingredients

What are the benefits of our Skincare Range Ingredients? Caroline Lorinet blends pure, natural and organic ingredients with active cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, sourced from all over the world, and free of toxic additives and irritants. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Natural and Organic Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil: This amazing berry grows in the Arctic region. […]


The collection has been specifically developed to gently care for, and transform, all skin types, particularly those with sensitivity. Caroline Lorinet, is an ex international, French/Paris born, model living in New Zealand who founded a signature skincare range developed from luxurious and restorative natural plant extracts, Sea Buck thorn berry oil, marine plants and organic […]