The collection has been specifically developed to gently care for, and transform, all skin types, particularly those with sensitivity.

Caroline Lorinet, is an ex international, French/Paris born, model living in New Zealand who founded a signature skincare range developed from luxurious and restorative natural plant extracts, Sea Buck thorn berry oil, marine plants and organic compounds. The range is a combination of science and nature with the latest peptide technology designed to halt and turn back the clock in terms of aging, to protect, pamper and nourish the skin.
Caroline’s motivation is very personal. Her modelling career was nearly ended by extreme allergic reactions to a skin-cream. She became determined to create a cosmeceutical, natural and organic range that would offer the best skincare treatment possible, but also one that women could trust.
” I was born and raised in Paris and was a renowned model in my youth, being regularly featured in magazines such as Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire. I was having great success, moving among the fashion capitals of Europe – but I encountered a problem. My modelling career was nearly prematurely ended by the extreme allergic reactions that I had to the cosmetics available at the time. I tried many products on the market. Nothing worked. My sensitive skin suffered from dermatitis and rosacea. The problem was that the majority of the big companies used ingredients that were based on chemicals and this is still the case today. I became determined to find a solution. One free of unnecessary, unnatural chemicals, one that women could love and trust. With that, in 2014 I founded the company. We searched all over the world for naturally-sourced ingredients that would:
1. Protect against the elements that damage the skin such as sun and pollution
2. Reverse the effects of aging, transforming the skin by firming and softening it.
3. Pamper the user with luxury, by having the skin feel refreshed and radiant when applied
4. Prevent the kinds of reactions that I had and are suffered by so many others.
After years of trials and research, we have succeeded. Our range is luxurious, safe for sensitive skin and contains some of the most effective anti-aging ingredients, while remaining natural and organic. ” CAROLINE LORINET | CEO & FOUNDER
The combination of cosmeceutical plus natural and organic is unique in the skincare market, which is a fast growing part of the cosmetics industry. The Caroline Lorinet Skincare range fuses the best of French beauty, fashion and elegance, New Zealand’s green image, luxury packaging with pure and natural, organic and worldwide sourced ingredients for a unique cosmeceutical desirable range of products full of anti-oxidants.

The range is formulated to cleanse and moisturize and repair even the most sensitive skin without irritation.

  • Natural & Organic: every possible ingredient in their products are from natural sources, making the product much less harsh than non-natural & organic competitors. The products are particularly compelling for those whom traditional products cause reactions, such as those with dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and very dry skin.
  • Cosmeceutical: they have scientifically proven ingredients which are widely used to reverse the aging process.
  • Luxury: the Caroline Lorinet range is designed to pamper the user, with a brand experience that combines the best of French elegance and style with New Zealand natural beauty.

In my opinion, no other products are available in New Zealand or Australia that do all three of these things together – some brands are natural & organic, but aren’t powerfully reversing the aging process, while existing cosmeceutical labels have anti-aging impacts, but don’t feature natural & organic ingredients and can be “harsh” on the skin. Both the “natural and organic” and “cosmeceutical” products tend to focus their marketing on these aspects, rather than addressing the feeling of luxury too. Therefore, there is an important segment of the market not being adequately served.



twich_dsmIt’s : not greasy and works well on my sensitive skin. Awesome toner’
officialbenkalasho : These products work well on my skin. Highly recommended
wi_ikBest : face care products I have ever used. I always feel hydrated and don’t have any dry skin on my face.
kymcartel : Amazing products
rhirhi._quan : Love those products! Worked well on my sensitive skin.
eddie_enriquez : Good value and wonderful products!
babylaaeI : like the way this feels on my face, it’s light moisturizer!
surfasyougo : Moisturizing with no greasy residue, I absolutely love this youth cream.
senzority : Great day moisturizer



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